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There are many ways to get involved with Schoolchildren for Children (ScfC) Foundation.


With a small staff and limited resources ScfC is looking for dedicated individuals that are willing to donate their expertise and life experience to help children internationally get a basic education.

Current positions available:

We are currently looking for volunteers with experience in curriculum development, chaperoning youth, fundraising, and membership development.

We encourage visitors on this website for updates. You may fill out a volunteer form and we’ll contact if a position is available. Click here to fill out volunteer form. Thank you for your interest.


Educators, thinking of a stand for social justice? Want to help your students make meaningful change from the classroom! There are two main ways schools can raise money for ScfC: through sponsored events and ScfC Clubs. Engaged educators if you’re interested in hosting a ScfC fundraiser at you school feel free to fill out the following form (link to form). None of the money raised by school fundraising events goes to administrative costs. Fill out a form to learn more!


Organizations and companies are stakeholders in their communities. Why not be a stakeholder internationally? ScfC has tiered memberships levels to fit every organization’s size and budget. Learn more!


Every penny counts because every student matters.

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