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Schoolchildren for Children Foundation (ScfC) encourages global citizenship, scholastics, and physical fitness for America’s children.

We support schools and encourage student leadership through sponsored fundraising events and ScfC Clubs.

ScfC Events encourage physical fitness

Schools may choose to run sponsored fitness fundraisers. Parents and educators are encouraged to get sponsors for their students to participate at the event. If schools choose half the funding that is raised by event may go to the school to pay for its extracurricular programs. The other half goes to support ScfC.

ScfC Clubs foster student leadership

Schoolchildren for Children Clubs (ScfC Clubs) create future leaders dedicated to charity, academics, and social justice. ScfC Clubs can either describe existing organizations (student councils, bands, chess clubs, sports team, etc) that choose to raise funding for ScfC or groups that students start from scratch.

Children and educators that are participating in ScfC Clubs are helping children internationally have access to basic education. Students will take pride in knowing they are laying the foundation for a brighter future. ScfC Clubs allow students to learn about demonstrating initiative, leadership, and compassion. There is no better and enjoyable way to get the training for work, college, and life than a life rich in altruism and vision.

We provide materials to help children develop business, project management, marketing, leadership skills. Additionally running an ScfC Club wil help the children learn how to run meetings, plan events, goal setting, and delegate tasks Find out how to start your own ScfC Club!

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